Modes Of Providing Services & Solutions

Group Counselling:

Most of the services offered to political parties and candidates shall be in the form of workshops/seminar/training programmes as indicated before. These workshops/seminars/training programmes can be organized in New Delhi as well as all important towns of India. The location of the programmes can be enlarged depending upon the need and preference of political parties. There is no prescribed limit (neither minimum nor maximum) for number of persons in the aforesaid workshop/seminar/training programme for political parties and candidates. Election Today will be flexible about the number of persons to be enrolled for these programmes.

Election Today can also organize group counselling using information and digital technology in the form of

  • Video Conferencing
  • Tele Conferencing

Election Today can also counsel political parties and candidates separately by any of the above methods including through Emails and Telephone.

Individual Counselling:

In addition to group seminars/workshops/training programmes, Election Today will also offer counselling, consultancy, advisory and hand holding services to individual candidates or any person of the political party also.

Language of Counselling

Election Today can provide counselling and training both in English and Hindi.