Detailed Description Of Services & Solutions of “Election Today”

Election Today will offer following Services & Solutions:

Election Law/ Rules/instructions including judgements of Hon’ble Supreme Court.

Registration of Political Parties.

Electoral Rolls related matters including Inclusion, Correction & Deletion in Voter List.

Analysis of Electoral Rolls namely E.P. Ratio, Gender Ratio etc.

Process for filing of Nomination by Candidates including filing of Affidavits.

Scrutiny and Withdrawal of candidature and allotment of symbols.

Model Code of Conduct issues and Do’s & Don’ts to prevent Model Code Violations.

Election offences & corrupt practices

Guidance to Political Parties and Candidates on Election Campaign.

Rights & Responsibilities of candidates during Polling, counting, re-totaling and re-counting process.

Issues related to working of Electronic Voting Machines including rights & responsibilities of Political Parties and Candidates.

Election Expenditure and Laws/Instructions related to election expenditures including filing of expenditure statements during and after election process.

Process of appeals against disqualifications for non-submission of expenditure.

Election Petitions and filing of petitions.

Training Modules for Election agents, polling agents and counting agents of Political parties and candidates.

Research and analysis of:

  • Voter turnout
  • Voting trend
  • Voters behaviour during poling