Cost Of Services & Solutions

Election Today will charge fee for all kinds of election counselling indicated above. For group counselling, the fees shall vary depending upon the size of the group, the package of service and the content of the services offered. For charges related to conducting workshops/seminars/training programmes, Election Today will quote a composite rate that will include charges for workshop/seminar/training premise, food and beverages and counselling services. In case of residential workshops, boarding and lodging charges will be added to the composite rate. In case, the premise or food are organized by the Political Party or Candidate, the composite rates will be reduced accordingly.

For counselling on individual basis to candidates or any other person or to the political parties, the counselling fee will be decided on case to case basis, depending on the nature of service required, time period and mode of communication. In case of personal counselling, the counselling will primarily be done at New Delhi either at the registered office of Election Today or any other place mutually convenient.